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New Household Engagement solution for OnBoarding

Embark New Household Engagement is CS3’s robust solution for OnBoarding.

Embark New Household Engagement is our robust solution for OnBoarding – welcoming, activating and engaging newly acquired households within the first 120 days of the relationship. It’s an essential process for your institution, helping you to gain primary status and make it easier to sell additional products and services – while enhancing profitability and lengthening the life of the relationship. 

Embark’s design will enable institutions to avoid the four-pitfalls that frequently challenge onboarding solutions: 

  • Design complexity. 
  • Data overload. 
  • Over-reliance upon de-centralized execution.
  • Inability to accurately track and report program performance.

The solution has been proven with hundreds of financial institutions across the country, and features:

  • Strategic guidance to drive program creation. 
  • Complete production development, implementation and management. 
  • Centralized, multi-touch communication strategy. 
  • Multi-channel execution. 
  • Comprehensive and transparent performance reporting.
25% of accounts go inactive in the first 90 days.
15% of checking accounts purchase products after Day 1.
66% of new checking accounts never cross-sell.

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