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Digital Referral that energizes your acquisition strategy

Royal Digital Referral empowers and rewards your customers to become sales agents of your institution.

Royal Digital Referral energizes your acquisition strategy by empowering and rewarding customers who encourage friends to join your family by opening an account. 

The viral nature of the Royal design delivers exponential reach at a price guaranteed to be far below traditional acquisition costs. A design emphasis on operational automation heightens staff efficiency. Pay-for-Performance pricing ensures a solid return on the investment. It’s a versatile addition to your acquisition marketing strategy – positioned to serve as a stand-alone solution or as a key component of an integrated acquisition program.

Royal’s key features include:

  • An automated, digital experience.
  • Hands-off development, execution and management of all program elements.
  • Expanded promotional reach extending beyond the branch and your customer base.
  • Integrated marketing.
  • Behavioral incentive system.
  • Pay-for-performance financial efficiency, reducing overall spend and per-account acquisition cost.
  • Comprehensive performance insight and usage analytics.
Recommendations from family and friends trump all other consumer touchpoints when it comes to influencing purchases…
— Independent Forrester, Nielsen and McKinsey market surveys
9 out of 10 consumers online trust recommendations from people they know.
— Econsultancy
71% claim reviews from family members or friends exert a ‘great deal’ or ‘fair amount’ of influence.
— Harris Interactive

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