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CS3 Marketing Brings New Solutions to the Financial Services Industry

October 11, 2016 – Breckenridge, CO

CS3 Marketing, co-founded by banking industry veterans Scott Gilchrist and Patrick Grosserode, brings innovative, fresh solutions to age-old problems experienced by financial institutions throughout the nation. Knowing that marketing agencies are a dime a dozen in the financial industry, Gilchrist and Grosserode wanted to do things bigger and better than they've already been done. 

"The most important thing we've learned over the past 20 years is that if you close your mouth and listen, the market will talk. So, that is just what we did: we listened. We did research, and we interviewed industry experts, identifying significant gaps in the industry and the reasons we had run into roadblocks before. We developed a roadmap to do it better," explained Gilchrist, Chief Revenue Officer.

Founders Gilchrist and Grosserode have a long history in the financial marketing business. Gilchrist's career spans over 20 years with senior level roles including account executive, marketing strategist, product manager and chief marketing officer. In 2001, he founded a data-driven marketing communications firm that later sold to a $1.6 billion Fortune 1000 company in 2010. Grosserode has vast experience in the financial world leading product management teams that experienced triple digit revenue growth and has worked in sales, product management, data management and product development. 

Gilchrist and Grosserode have combined their talents, knowledge and abilities to create CS3 Marketing, which has the benefit of being an agile, nimble agency with the freedom to take risks to meet the needs of the evolving market. Their suite of products tackles traditional challenges impacting growth and retention in fresh ways, leveraging unique data systems methodology to deliver affordable, automated and turn-key solutions that are easier to implement.  

Recent research has led to the development of three new solutions the team is bringing to market: 

Nexus Digital Marketing works to establish digital dominance for the financial institution, improving the performance of digital and traditional marketing initiatives. The solution demystifies a complex topic and begins with a thorough assessment of a financial institution’s digital presence and then building and executing digital strategy in a fully supported fashion.  "The digital revolution is upon us," commented Gilchrist.  “Yet, very few financial institutions are prepared to leverage this channel to fuel their growth.” While 70 percent of consumers will look online before opening an account, Edge Multimedia reports that only 20 percent of financial institution websites have an SEO structure capable of capturing this activity.

Royal Digital Referral energizes a financial institution’s acquisition strategy by empowering and rewarding customers who encourage friends to join the institution’s family by opening an account. “The solution capitalizes on the fact that consumers tend to trust recommendations from people they know more so than traditional advertising. The viral nature of the product delivers exponential reach, while operational automation and a pay-for-performance pricing model combine to guarantee an acquisition cost far below traditional tactics,” explained Grosserode.

Castle Life-Event Alerts builds trust, heightens customer experience and reduces attrition. By analyzing the institution’s database against a national, proprietary consumer database consisting of over 300-million records, Castle is able to identify customers who may be at risk of leaving the institution or are in need of products, services or guidance as the result of stressful life events. “Life events can impact where and how a customer chooses to bank,” added Gilchrist.

"It has been a journey," commented Grosserode, Chief Innovation Officer. "We have changed course, pivoted, run in circles, pioneered paths and finally set our course. We are excited about our launch, we are better from the journey and we are optimistic about the future. Finding new ways to address traditional challenges has been the key to our suite of products and the services we provide."

For more information about the entire suite of products offered by CS3 Marketing, visit their website: www.cs3marketing.com. 

About CS3 Marketing
CS3 Marketing is a full-service marketing solutions provider specializing in the development and execution of complex, data-driven, multi-channel marketing programs for the financial services segment. CS3 functions as an extension of the client’s marketing department, striving to earn trusted-partner status. Each new client relationship begins with a thorough discovery conversation, leading to the development of solution tailored to meet the needs of the client. 





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