CS3 Marketing
Driving Growth for Financial Institutions

CS3 Marketing’s bottom-line-oriented marketing strategy is supported by outstanding client service

CS3 Marketing is a firm with deep roots in financial services marketing. Working with banks and credit unions large and small, in the past five years alone, we've helped over 300 financial institutions, we've executed 4,000 initiatives, and we've generated over 600,000 new customers for our clients.


Meet the Founders

Chief Innovation Officer

Patrick Grosserode

During Patrick’s 15-year marketing services career, he has held a wide variety of roles, including: Sales, Product Management, Data Management and Product Development. 

Prior to CS3 Marketing, Patrick led the product management team for a division of a large, publicly traded financial services company. During his tenure, the segment experienced triple-digit revenue growth derived organically and through a successful acquisition. During this span, seven new products were brought to market, multiple vendor relationships were established and 40 new employees were integrated into the organization. Alongside this meteoric revenue growth, operating income consistently outperformed forecasts. 

Patrick has a passion for finding opportunities in the macro-market and building products to maximize the opportunity for clients. He has helped to create the CS3 suite of products on a strong data foundation, along with a methodology for continuous improvement through ongoing analytics. 

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Scott Gilchrist

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Scott has honed marketing skills in a variety of organizations and held senior level roles including: Sales Director, Account Executive, Marketing Strategist, Product Manager and Chief Marketing Officer. 

His extensive experience has sharpened his focus on the importance of a data-driven, bottom-line-oriented marketing strategy, supported by outstanding client service. These elements were foundational characteristics of Cornerstone Customer Solutions, a data-driven marketing communications firm founded by Scott in 2001. 

After guiding a successful acquisition of Cornerstone by a $1.6 Billion Fortune 1000 firm in 2010, Scott served as Sales Director, managing a national sales team and an eight-figure revenue responsibility. 

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